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iMainGo X Portable Stereo Speaker and Case For iPhone and iPod Now in Pink!


The iMainGo X has quickly become one of the most popular portable iPhone and iPod speakers around. Not only does the iMainGo X provide exceptional sound quality, but it also doubles as an ultra protective case. Simply insert your iPhone or iPod inside the case, zip it up and away you go. The iMainGo X […]


iMainGo 2 and iMainGo X Portable Travel Speakers for iPods and iPhones

iMaingo is the brand name for the portable speakers developed by Portable Sound Laboratories. iMaingo currently have 2 portable speakers, the iMaingo 2 portable speaker for iPods and iPhones and the iMaingo X Rechargeable portable speaker for iPods and iPhones However they are currently developing one for the iPad. Both iMaingo speakers consist of the […]