STM Bags Skinny Case For iPad 2 – Black

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If your looking for a stylish, protective and functional carrying solution for your digit gear, STM Bags are your answer. Designing bags for carrying your laptop, iPad, iPhone, iPod and any other devices as well cables and gadgets that you require in your day, STM have taken functional bags to a whole new level.

If you’ve just purchased your shiny new iPad 2 and like the sound of the STM brand, but don’t want or need a bag to carry it in, is there another STM option I hear you cry? Well yes, there is! Introducing the STM Bags Skinny Case For iPad 2 – Black . Lightweight, protective and sleek, the STM Skinny Case is ideal for anyone looking for that STM design in a streamline manner.

Acting as a hardshell back case, the STM Skinny Case also has a magnetic folding front cover, which causes the iPad 2 to sleep/wake upon opening and closing, brilliant! And it gets even better, the front flap also folds back on itself and slots into the back, in order to create a stand for your iPad 2, ideal for viewing and typing. This is a pretty nifty case, and STM have designed it to be as user-friendly as possible. The case snaps easily onto the back of your iPad 2 and ensures that you still have access to all ports and controls.

STM have created the perfect combination of a hard-shell case with a soft lining to protect and cushion your iPad 2 whilst on the go, the light and comfortable nature of the case adds little weight and means you can keep your iPad 2 with you at all times, exactly what any iPad 2 user would want. The added bonus of the stand also means you don’t have to fork out for any extra accessories, a pretty good deal we would say.

Check out STM’s Skinny Case For iPad 2 demo video:

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