Phillips GoGear RaGa 2GB MP3 Player – Black

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The Apple iPod has taken over the MP3 player market, available in all kinds of shapes, colours and designs. But what about alternatives on the market? Philips have launched their own rival to the iPod, know as the Philips GoGear RaGa 2GB MP3 Player – Black. This nifty little device fits on music, audiobooks, notes and it even has an FM radio built-in. Quite an impressive little gadget. You can also make the most of, a fantastic site that allows you to download audiobooks, stand-up comedy and magazines. If that wasn’t enough, you can even use the Philips GoGear as a Dictaphone, it really is multiple devices in one!

Philips GoGear RaGa 2GB MP3 Player - Black

Go gaga over the wearable and durable GoGear Raga with FullSound™ to bring all your
favourite MP3 music to life. Plus, it comes with Philips Songbird so you can enjoy easy and
limitless entertainment wherever you go.

Philips’ innovative FullSound technology faithfully restores sonic details to compressed MP3 music, dramatically enriching and enhancing it, so you can experience CD music without any distortion. Based on an audio post-processing algorithm, FullSound combines Philips’ renowned expertise in music reproduction with the power of the latest generation Digital Signal Processor (DSP). The result is fuller bass with more depth and impact, boosted voice and instrument clarity, and rich detail. Rediscover your compressed MP3 music in true-to-life sound that will touch your soul and move your feet.

Audible is your destination for the widest selection of digital audiobooks, magazines, radio shows, stand-up comedy and more available for download. Enjoy books in the car, at the gym or around the house. Authors and icons read their own works, and famous actors narrate your favourite titles. At you can browse and sample over 75,000 selections, including the latest bestsellers and timeless classics.

Philips Songbird
One simple, easy-to-use program that comes with your GoGear player, Philips Songbird lets you discover and play all your media, and sync it seamlessly with your Philips GoGear. Its intuitive and powerful music management features let you discover new artists and music styles directly in the program through music and media stores, services and websites. Play your own library and media from the Internet and seamlessly sync all of it from your PC to your Philips GoGear.

Aluminium finish
Aluminium finish for robustness and durability.

Folder view
Folder view is an optional directory view of the GoGear player that lets you view all the files on your player as if it were a computer. Once you select Folder view, opening any supported file (i.e. music, pictures or videos) is as easy as selecting the file and hitting Play.

Voice recording
Voice recording converts your GoGear player into a handy dictation machine. Besides playing music or listening to the radio, you can also record notes or reminders for work or school, record shopping lists and phone numbers – even song lyrics. By pressing the recording button and speaking into the built-in microphone, voice messages are compressed and stored in the built-in internal memory. Voice recording gives you a highly portable voice recorder allowing you to record anything, anytime and anywhere!

FM radio with 20 presets
Digital FM radio offers you additional music options to your music collection on your GoGear. Simply tune into the station that you want to preset, press and hold the preset button to memorise the frequency. You can preset up to 20 radio stations and enjoy your favourite programmes whenever you go.

Up to 22-hour music playback
This player’s long-lasting power comes in the form of 22 hours of continuous music playback on just one single charge.

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