NUU BaseCover For iPad 2

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Apple struck gold when they created their Smart Cover to compliment their new iPad 2. Now, NUU have gone even further and designed a case that compliments the Apple Smart Cover, genius!

Introducing the NUU BaseCover For iPad 2, it’s the back cover to Apple’s front cover.

Sleek, simple and unique, the NUU BaseCover comes in 9 transparent and brilliant colours from black to pink to white and yellow, one to suit every Smart Cover. Allowing you to see the back of your iPad 2 and that all important Apple logo, the NUU BaseCover is clean and simple and does the job!

Protecting your new iPad 2 from painful scratches and damage, lightweight and slim-fitting, the BaseCover adds little extra bulk to your iPad 2, taking little away from its elegance and style.


Mix & Match – A range of colours lets you mix and match the NUU BaseCase with your Smart Cover to suit your mood and preferences.

Durable Protection – Although the NUU BaseCase is slim, it is made of durable plastic to protect your iPad 2 from bumps and scratches.

Non-Slip Grip – The rubberized matte finish and texture lets you hold and grip onto your iPad 2 comfortably, helping to prevent it slipping from your fingers while you’re on the move.

Sleek & Stylish – The colours not only complement your Smart Cover, the translucent design is aesthetically lightweight and sleek to show-off your iPad 2.

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