Nike Sensor Pouches, Cases and Holders

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The Apple iPod is a very impressive gadget. Storing thousands of songs, videos and photos, the iPod is the perfect companion. Exercising is one such time when the iPod really comes into its own. You can create the perfect playlist to accompany your workout or shuffle your tracks for a more spontaneous run. With the development from the click wheel to the touchscreen, the iPod has revolutionized itself. Now you can download hundreds of apps to entertain and inform. One such brilliant app is the Nike+Apple Sport Kit, designed to monitor and track your running progress, this app and sensor turn your iPod into the perfect sports accessory. Nike have developed an exclusive pair of running trainers designed to hold the Nike+Apple Sport Kit Sensor. But what if you just want to use your own running shoes and don’t want to invest in a new pair? Well, below we’ve reviewed the best holders and pouches which allow you to use your Nike+Apple sport Kit Sensor without forking out for a brand new pair of trainers!

Shoe Pouch Holder for Nike+ iPod Sensor – Various Colours
To keep your Nike+Apple Sport Kit Sensor safe and in place whilst running, the Shoe Pouch Holder for Nike+iPod Sensor is just the ticket. Small, soft and practical, the Shoe Pouch Holder safely and comfortably slots in the sensor and then seals to stop it from falling out whilst you are doing high impact exercise. Attaching to your trainer by looping round the shoelaces this attachment is made from extra strong nylon which is extremely durable. The rest of the Shoe Pouch Holder is made from neoprene with a Velcro strap to seal. The Shoe Pouch Holder has also been made with the slit for the sensor to be extremely tight, almost eliminating the chance that the sensor will fall out on high impact, brilliant! Not only this, but the Shoe Pouch Holder is available in a range of 8 vibrant colours including; Pink, Grey, Black, Blue, Green, Navy, Purple and Red. So you can choose any colour that best suits you!

Nike Sensor Shoe Pouch

Marware Training Shoe Case/Holder for Nike+ iPod Sensor
An alternative to the Shoe Pouch Holder comes in the form of the Marware Training Shoe Pouch Holder. The Marware Training Shoe Pouch is designed to hold the Apple+Nike Sport Kit Sensor in much the same way as the Shoe Pouch Holder and also allows you to use your standard running shoes, without having to invest in a new pair. One long strip of neoprene, the Marware Training Shoe Holder has a pouch at one end and Velcro at the other, with your Apple+Nike Sensor sloting comfortably and securely into the pouch. The Marware then loops under your shoelaces and wraps around, sealing with the Velcro. This forms a tight and safe place for your Apple+Nike Sensor to be and will withstand high impact. Not only this but Marware have also designed the Training Shoe Holder to be easy, quick and efficient to use, so you can get on with your run.

Marware Training Shoe PouchMarware Training Shoe Pouch

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