NEW iPhone 5 Cases & Accessories

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Apple have us on tenterhooks once again with the imminent launch of the brand new iPhone 5. What will it look like? Will it be similar to the iPhone 4S, or something along the lines of the more recent smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S III with their larger screens? As with all Apple launches, anything is possible. Whether or not Apple will change the overall shape and size of both the screen and body of the iPhone 5, what is for certain is that this will be the most powerful iPhone to date.

Due for release on the 12th September 2012, the iPhone 5 will most certainly be a huge re-design of the way the iPhone operates, whereas last years launch of the iPhone 4S served as merely a stepping stone to greater things to come.

With the imminent arrival of the new iPhone 5, you’ll need to ensure you have the best protection available to keep your iPhone 5 in pristine condition. Here at eoutlet we’ll have the latest iPhone 5 accessories to hit the market, from the likes of Cygnett, Incipio and Griffin, to ensure your iPhone 5 is accessorized to perfection.

Keep an eye on eoutlet for our full range of iPhone 5 Cases, Speakers and Docks, Sports Armbands and even the odd Tough Case here and there. In all kinds of shapes, sizes, colours and designs, you’ll be bound to find something you love to accessorize your new iPhone 5.

For the full range of iPhone, iPod and iPad accessories, from the very first model up to the most recent, check out

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