Apple to Launch New iPhone on 4th October 2011

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Rumours have been spreading like wildfire across the internet in recent months that Apple are set to launch their new iPhone and now many sources have confirmed the date to be the 4th October 2011.

Whilst Apple are remaining characteristically quiet about any launch, insiders and accidental slips, such as this one reported on the Guardian website; “…Al Gore, a member of Apple’s board, let slip while speaking in South Africa that “new iPhones [are] coming out next month. That was a plug.” Toby Shapstak, editor of Stuff magazine in South Africa, who was at the meeting where Gore spoke..”*, lead us to believe that the launch is imminent.

So now we have a date, what is the new iPhone going to be like? And furthermore, what will it be called? Many have suggested the new iPhone will simply be an updated version of the iPhone 4, simply the iPhone 4S. Whilst others have argued that Apple will go for the iPhone 5, marking it out as a new and independent iPhone, unlike previous releases such as the iPhone 3GS.

In terms of looks, some have debated that the new iPhone will simply be a moderately updated version of the iPhone 4, featuing Apple’s latest software update, iOS 5, a bigger screen and smoothing out of the raised sides. On the other hand, it has been suggested that the new iPhone will be a return to the more unique and curved design of the iPhone 3GS, losing the square shape of the iPhone 4.

What is for definite, is that with Apple’s track record, we know that whatever the new iPhone looks like and is called, its operating system will be outstanding. Featuring all of the adaptions Apple have added to the iPhone over its re-incarntations, the new iPhone will be superior in every capacity.

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