Apple Launch the NEW iPad 3rd Generation

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Once again Apple had us gripping our seats waiting for the unavailing of their brand new iPad. Shrouded in the usual mystique, the launch date as always being hazy, Apple launched the ‘New iPad‘ as it is now known, to the world on the 7th March 2012 with a keynote speech from new Apple CEO Tim Cook.

We’ve been guessing for many weeks here at eoutlet as to what Apple would pick to name their new iPad, was it going to be the iPad 2S (merely being a slight advancement from the iPad 2 and following in the footsteps of the iPhone 4S launch)? Or would Apple go for a complete re-vamp with the iPad 3? Well, it appears that Apple have pulled a trump card out the bag and gone for a medley of both ideas. Referred to as both the ‘New iPad‘ and the ‘3rd Generation iPad‘, Apple have not quite revolutionized either the specks or design by developing a stand alone iPad 3, but nor have they defined it as purely a side step from the iPad 2. By calling it the New iPad, Apple have set this iPad to be bigger and better, yet still retaining the key features and design that made the iPad 2 so successful.

So what is different with the New iPad?
As with all developments within the Apple world, the New iPad has an abundance of advancements and changes. Featuring a faster processing chip (A5X compared to the iPad 2’s A5), higher screen resolution and retina display, improved camera (with auto focus), faster and more efficient Wi-Fi connection and features the new advanced 4G technology. In terms of looks, the New iPad is 0.03″ thicker and 0.11 pounds heavier than its predecessor the iPad 2, giving it a little extra room for all that new technology. However, the height and width remain the same. Plus Apple have stuck to their classic Black or White block colours, with both the screen size and shape being the same as the iPad 2. Available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, there is plenty of room for everything you would want to store on your iPad.

Any Extra Features?
As with all Apple products, a few extra features go all the way and the new 3rd Generation iPad is no exception. Firstly, we have the new iSight Camera. This 5-megapixal camera features auto-focus, face detection and has a backside illumination sensor which means that you’ll get a great shot no matter what the light is like. Next we have HD Video recording in full 1080p, meaning your home videos will be like nothing you’ve shot before. The Video camera also has automatic video stabilisation, meaning your videos will not suffer from any wobbles or blips. Similar to Siri for iPhone 4S, the new iPad 3rd Gen has Dictation. Instead of typing emails, tweets and notes, use the Dictation feature to speak your thoughts and see them appear on your iPad. Finally, we have AirPlay. This feature lets you stream photos, films or music straight from your iPad to your HDTV wirelessly using AirPlay enabled speakers or Apple TV7.

Accessories galore
Due to the New iPad retaining much the same size and shape as the previous iPad 2 model, many cases and sleeves designed for the iPad 2 will still fit. But don’t feel you have to settle for an iPad 2 accessory, oh no, because hot off the heels of the New iPad launch comes the new iPad accessories, click here to view all the latest cases and accessories designed to keep your New iPad 3rd Generation in tip top condition.

New iPad


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